Cat Lee Ball

🖥️ Software Engineer
⏱️ 8 years of experience
⚙️ Backend development
📬 contact {at} catball {dot} dev
🌎 San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Work Experience


Site Reliability Engineer

📅 Aug 2019 — Present
  • Traffic Packets team
    • Network control plane handling > 3TB/s of traffic from edge border routers to the Andromeda SDN hosted in our datacenters
    • Observability and alerting features for the Maglev load balancer that processes all traffic ingress to Google
  • Cloud API Team
    • Client Cloud project
      • Traffic migration subproject: create automation to safely load balance ~8M QPS of production traffic from legacy jobs to new jobs as datacenter capacity becomes available.
    • Fault injection for Google Cloud's Billing platform.
      • Design optimizations to probabilistic sampling algorithm, allowing stateless fault injection while serving over ~8M QPS
      • Planning future work for creating an autoregressive model of our service's resource requirements to help enable automated capacity planning and prediction
  • Trans at Americas steering committee (employee resource group)
    • Negotiated with US benefits team to provide travel coverage for trans people seeking healthcare, and resources for trans people impacted negatively by local legislation.
    • Worked with Global Policy team to allocate funds for external trans NPOs, and to denounce transphobic policy.
    • Provided consultation to IT and security teams to review new identification verification process and policy.

Software Engineer

📅 Jan 2019 — Aug 2019
  • Migrate GSUtil, the Google Cloud Storage CLI tool, to Python 3
  • Parallelize integration testing, reducing pre-submit test times by 30x

IT Residency Program

📅 Jan 2015 — Jul 2016
  • Develop and maintain support ticket routing software.
  • Provide onsite and remote technical support to Googlers.
  • Lead peer-driven programming courses.


Software Engineer

📅 Jun 2016 — Jan 2019
  • An HR survey application to gather data to help improve workplace safety and reduce toxicity in management chains.
  • Java backend using Kafka to stream requests.
  • Electron frontend for corporate desktop clients.
  • A modest amount of C# for Electron to interface with a Windows service daemon.


Software Engineer

📅 Jan 2014 — Jan 2015
  • Supply chain web application to forecast demand of parts and tools for aircraft manufacturing
  • C# and ASP.Net

Illinois Dept of Public Health

Data Analyst Intern

📅 Apr 2013 — Jan 2014
  • Develop Python scripts for EMR workflows.
  • Manage EMR data ingress to Vaccines for Children RDBMS
  • Digitize paper documents and ingest them into the RDBMS

University of Illinois

Helpdesk Support Student Worker

📅 Jan 2011 — Apr 2013

Provided in-person and remote technical support to students and staff at the University of Illinois helpdesk as a student worker.


University of Washington

🌎 Seattle, WA
📅 2022 — Present
🎓 Master of Science
🖥️ Computational Linguistics

University of Illinois

🌎 Springfield, IL
📅 2009 — 2013
🎓 Bachelor of Science
🖥️ Computer Science

Academic Interests

Areas of Interest for Graduate Studies
  • Linguistics & Natural Language Processing
  • Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing
  • Computer Ethics